Well, a paint sprayer is exactly what the name suggests – It’s a machine that sprays paint, and it makes the job of painting a lot more easy and time saving (in some cases). Until recently, the only people that really used them were professional contractors or painters, and they used to be large and require an air compressor to work. Today, however, a paint sprayer is generally electric and much more ‘portable’, making it a good companion for a do it yourself project.

There are a few different types of paint sprayers that you need to be aware of, each with their own pros & cons. For example systems such as Airless paint sprayers are ideal for large surface area, where as HVLP sprayers are designed for to give a high end finish on smaller applications.

The Speed is Unbelievable…

Watch an airless paint sprayer making easy work of a large room.

Most people would agree that a paint sprayer is much easier to use than painting with brushes, but there are also some limitations that go along with it as well. First, the benefits. You can paint faster, more evenly, and save paint with using a paint sprayer. You can cover more ground, and the coat is very even and well painted. Not many people like painting, and a paint sprayer fills a niche that can be used during most paint jobs. However, it will never be able to replace brushes, and no matter what it is that you are painting, chances are that you are going to still need to to some touch up work. A paint sprayer can help:

  • Speed up nearly all painting jobs by almost 5x
  • Get a much better finish compared with a brush
  • Provides an even coverage which can save you paint
  • No more roller trays and brushes to wash
  • But It’s Not All Sunshine & Rainbows

The drawbacks are a bit more extensive, but they don’t mean that getting a paint sprayer is a bad idea either. You cannot fine tune like you can with a brush, and because of this, you will need to cover more areas before painting because the spray gets everywhere. Additionally, people that use paint sprayers spend more time cleaning them after they are done. Plus, they cannot be used outside when there’s even a little bit of wind.

Most importantly, not all paint sprayers are created equally, and if you are looking for a cheap one, then chances are it will lack the power, pressure and coverage that you are looking for. Generally speaking, the more money you spend, the better machine you will get. However, for most small projects around the yard or the house, a paint sprayer is an essential component of any tool shed, just as a shop vac is.

Just make sure that you get the right one for your needs and projects that you are thinking of using it for. The thickness of the paint or finish you will be using also makes a difference because thicker material requires more pressure. Additionally, the smaller ones generally hold less paint, which means that if you are doing big jobs, you will be refilling the containers quite often.

Benefits of Using a Paint Sprayer

If you are curious as to the benefits of using a paint sprayer, then you need to keep reading, because there are a big two that are worth talking about. First, you can cover a lot more ground in a short amount of time, and second, they provide a near perfect coat of paint to any job nearly every single time. That doesn’t mean that they are a miracle tool that can do everything, and there are some things that hold a paint sprayer back as well that should be talked about later on.

But, just think about what you can do with a paint sprayer, especially for professionals using them for industrial paint spraying. You can do walls and ceilings in a flash. Painting stairs takes only minutes, and you can even use a paint sprayer to blow dust and dirt off of surfaces, shortening the time that it requires to prep areas for painting. You can also use it for wood staining and finishing projects as well, and many, many people use them to weatherproof decking and patio areas.

Pros of Paint Sprayers

  • Extremely fast & efficient
  • Flawless finish & end result
  • Simple to setup and use
  • Doesn’t require tons of accessories
  • More affordable than ever

Cons of Paint Sprayers

  • Initial investment required
  • Requires a lot more preparation
  • Needs occasional maintenance
  • Can be quite messy
  • Small learning curve when new

Along with all of the benefits of using a paint sprayer, there are also quite a few drawbacks as well. First, they won’t ever replace a paint brush. They just don’t have the capability of replacing the dexterity of a hand, and you will often need to have brushes on hand when you are using your sprayer. Also, you have to protect a larger amount of area as well, so they aren’t that ideal for small, touch-up projects. You will need to cover more ground with tarps and tape because they spray gets literally everywhere.

Cleaning Process

Beyond that, you also need to clean the unit when you are finished using it, and that takes a little bit of time as well, but so does washing brushes. Since they’ve become so much cheaper to own during the last few years, many people are buying small models that are just perfect for the home. If you are considering getting one, then you also have many choices of the kind of unit you want for the amount of money that you are willing to spend.

Whether you are someone has a side-job doing contracting work, or you have a large home improvement project coming up, you can benefit from having a paint sprayer around. In fact, it will save you so much time, that you won’t even think about the amount of money you may have to dish out in the beginning because it will be worth it in the long run. Just make sure that you get the right one for the job it will be used for, and talk to an experienced professional about which one will be the one for you to have. That way you can have the ideal and most effective and time saving paint sprayer for your needs now and in the future.