Wagner Flexio 890 Paint Sprayer Review

Wagner Flexio 890 Paint Sprayer Review

Wagner Flexio 890 Paint Sprayer - Overall Score

Wagner Flexio 890 Paint Sprayer - Overall Score







        Value For Money



          • Perfect for people with little experience
          • Very versatile, home sprayer
          • Great for smaller projects
          • Compact when packed away


          • Not suitable for on-going professional use
          • 1.5L cup requires regular refilling
          • Not ideal for large surface areas
          • Suitable for light - medium paint thickness only

          The job of painting in and around the home is one that is frequently put off in place of other more enjoyable pursuits! It’s always a chore to get the brushes and rollers out, after all, and it’s a messy and time-consuming task. The problem is that it often needs to be done, and the longer you leave it, the worse it becomes. You likely pass parts of your home and grounds where a good coat of paint could make all the difference, yet put it to the back of your mind because it’s not how you want to spend your time.

          It could be that you want to redecorate part or all of your home – maybe you have just moved house and need to make your own mark – and you don’t have the money to get the professionals in. After all, it’s expensive to contract painters and decorators, so you really want to do it yourself. That’s why you need a paint sprayer, and why we’re going to tell you all about them!

          Paint sprayers take the place of the messy brushes, rollers and trays that you traditionally use for the job, and they really do make life a lot easier, and the job much faster. They provide you with a great finish, too, and with a little practice you can easily replicate as close to a professional result as you are ever likely to get. This review is about one of the popular models on the market, so let us introduce you to the Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Station.

          Introducing the Wagner Flexio 890 Paint Station

          Before we go on with the Wagner Flexio 890 review, it is important to know that there are many manufacturers currently offering excellent models of paint sprayer, so it pays to understand which are the ones you can trust. Wagner has an extensive range of models, all of excellent quality and with plenty of experience in the field, so you can rely on them to deliver the goods.

          Wagner Flexio 890

          With a paint sprayer, you need adequate power, a decent capacity, and flexibility, and the Wagner Flexio 890 offers all of these and much more besides. It’s a very neat design, as you would expect from this brand, and makes some bold promises and claims. For a start, Wagner claims you can cover an 8x10ft wall in under five minutes – consider the amount of time it would take you to do that with a brush or roller, and also consider the effort involved.

          Cleverly, this model comes with changeable nozzles for general spraying and for detail finish – which we will talk about later on – and it is specially designed to be easy to use and simple to clean, as well as being low-maintenance. You get a nice long flexible hose – not the longest of all but still great for versatility – and a very neat base unit, into which all the accessories can be packed when not in use for ease of storage. So, if you are interested in this paint sprayer, or any of the others we have reviewed, read on for all the information you need to make the right decision.

          Who Is It For?

          Before we get into the details of what the Wagner Flexio paint sprayer is all about, we need to talk about who it is that needs one! Let’s begin by saying that this model is not designed for professional use – for that purpose you are better off with a much bigger, heavy-duty model, of which there are many – but that’s not to say a contractor would not use one of these for smaller, more detailed jobs. It’s at its best around the home, for painting walls, doors, window sills, skirting and more, so if you have a house to do up or to redecorate, this could be the machine you need.

          Outdoors, and the Wagner Flexio 890 comes into its own as the perfect tool for painting fences, sheds and other outdoor buildings, as well as applying preservatives where needed to guard against the weather. This may need doing once in a while on a regular basis, so investing the small amount a paint sprayer costs can really be a sensible outlay. You can also use the Wagner Flexio 890 for painting the exterior of your home – think external doors and valances, and any other paintwork that might need attention – and it is a lot easier than picking up a brush and doing it that way.

          There are others who may also use a Wagner Flexio 890 to their advantage. Hobbyists who like tinkering with cars will find it ideal for painting car parts, and it can easily be stored in your garage without taking up much space. If you like to renovate or repurpose old furniture, the Wagner Flexio 890 is perfect for giving tables, chairs, cupboards and whatever you might be working on a fresh coat of paint, and at the price, you will certainly get your money’s worth.

          This very versatile machine is worth every penny if you are to use it to your advantage, and will save you time and money – as well as give you a better result – on your painting needs every time, so let’s have a look at some of the features of the Wagner Flexio 890 so you know what it can do.

          Features of the Wagner Flexio 890

          With any paint sprayer, you want to know that it can successfully take the place of the traditional roller or brush routine, and to do so they need to present several features and functions that allow it to do so. Here’s some of the best features of the Wagner Flexio 890, and then we will cover some of the more important in detail.

          Using The Wagner Flexio

          Ease of Use – the Wagner Flexio 890 is, like most of its contemporaries, designed for use by people who have little or no experience of such devices, as it is intended for the DIY user rather than the professional. To this end, the Wagner Flexio 890 does its job very well, being easy to assemble, simple to set up, and very easy to use, with a number of functions that make it a lot easier for the user to concentrate on the painting itself. We will have a look at some of those in detail in a moment.

          Versatile – while not the longest of its kind, the 11.5ft hose attached to the base unit, through which the airflow is produced, is perfectly long enough for those jobs about the house, and will allow you to get into even the most awkward of spaces in the home, garden or garage. The compact size of the unit, coupled with the cleverly designed carry-handles, makes it easy to move, and when not in use, everything packs away neatly inside.

          Powerful – the Wagner Flexio 890 uses a patented system called X-Boost for excellent spraying power, and we will explain that in more detail later on. Basically, it means you get superb performance from a compact and efficient machine at a sensible cost, with reliability guaranteed.

          Capacity – with a capacity for 1.5quarts of paint in the main reservoir – and 20ounces in the detailing cup – you have the perfect set up for covering an 8x10ft wall in around 5 minutes. We recommend you practice beforehand, but once you get the hang of things, you will easily be able to achieve speeds such as this, and won’t have to fill up too often. Such is the set-up, the Wagner Flexio 890 can spray more than 8 gallons per hour, which is more than adequate.

          iSpray Nozzle – another patented design, the iSpray nozzle allows you to use un-thinned paints so you can get on with the job without hesitation, unlike some units that require all paint to be suitably thinned, thus adding preparation time to the job.
          Easy Cleaning – the Wagner Flexio 890 is designed for use by the DIY enthusiast, and has been thus made to be easy to clean and to be very low maintenance. Follow the instructions after every use, and you can be back in your tracks with a new colour in no time at all, with very little effort needed.

          This highly portable and very usable machine is one of the best in its price range, so before we come to our conclusion, let’s have a closer look at some of those special features we mentioned.

          X-Boost – one of the features we mentioned is the patented X-Boost function, so let’s explain why this is so important. Early incarnations of paint sprayers necessarily needed an air compressor to drive the air that creates the spray. These are large, heavy, noisy and expensive. X-Boost is Wagner’s version of a turbine drive, a clever way of creating the air pressure within a compact unit. This one claims to be one of the most powerful on the market, and offers unrivalled control of spray speed and pressure. It’s a tried and tested system, too, so you need not worry about reliability, and it is very accurate.

          iSpray – another of the clever features on the Wagner Flexio 890 is the iSpray nozzle; this allows you to use un-thinned paint, which is a major bonus both for preparation and for achieving the best finish, and it is fully adjustable and provides a range of spray patterns and finishes. The clever touch is that the Wagner Flexio 890 also comes with a detail finishing nozzle, complete with its own smaller reservoir. You simply swap them around – using a very clever and quick to use connecting system called Lock-n-Go – and you can finish off those edges with a finely directed spray of paint. The Lock-n-Go system also allows for easy disassembly and reassembly for easy cleaning and maintenance.

          Lightweight – clever design means that all the workings of the Wagner Flexio 890, that is the heavier bits, are inside the base unit on the floor. This means that all you have to handle is the very light and easy to manoeuvre spray gun, which is connected by the lengthy hose. It’s a very neat touch that makes the life of the user much easier, and means it can be used by just about anyone.

          The Wagner Flexio 890 is, as we are sure you can see, a well-designed and carefully considered paint sprayer with many fine features, so to sum up, let’s have a look at why we reckon it might be one that you should put on your shortlist.


          This Wagner HVLP paint sprayer is a great paint sprayer with an excellent specification, and one that will be perfect for jobs around the home and garden. However, if you are a contractor who uses one of these on a daily basis, we recommend you consider it only as useful for smaller jobs, or perhaps detailing for the perfect finish.

          For the DIY enthusiast, or for someone looking to complete jobs around the home, there is no reason why this model should not be the one you choose, and in fact, we reckon that – at the price – it is one of the better value models in the business. It is easy to use, capable, light and powerful, and will provide excellent results when you learn how to use it properly (which will take no more than a couple of practice runs). It is fully adjustable so you can work at your own speed, and can be very fast indeed.

          For a homeowner, car enthusiast or DIY fan, this could be the one that you will use to the full, but before you buy, why not read our other paint sprayer reviews for more details of the many different models on offer, and see if this or another is the right one for you.

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