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Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

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It’s okay, we know why you’re here, to find out what the top best airless paint sprayers are right? Well, it’s your lucky day. To save you some time in your clearly oh-so busy day, here’s the meat you came for – our favourite top 10 best selling airless paint sprayers for the home DIYer and semi-professionals.

On that note, if however you are actually interested in learning more about how airless paint sprayers work and what each can offer, scroll past this table we made for the multi-million dollar CEOs amongst us that don’t have 10 minutes spare in their day to do their own research and get stuck in!

The airless paint sprayer has revolutionised the way we paint, and not only in our homes. Professionals use the airless machines to great effect, and they can be used for outdoor work, so you can make short work of painting those fences and the home. The reasons why airless is the way to go are many, not least the fact that these machines are very easy to use, reliable, and cover a lot of ground very quickly, and they are low-maintenance and surprisingly affordable.

Having one of these devices in the home means you will be more likely to get on with jobs that you have been putting off – rooms that need redecorating, for example, or sheds that require protection – so we thought we would put together a quick guide to choosing the best airless paint sprayer for your requirements.

Why Choose Airless Paint Sprayers?

There was a time when using a paint sprayer meant also using a compressor; heavy, expensive and large, these limited your mobility and meant you were stuck pretty much in one place when completing your job. The beauty of the airless paint sprayer is that it is portable and, as it uses its own turbine system to create the force that drives the paint, it does not require an external compressor.

Fewer components means less to go wrong, so you get the beauty of added reliability as well as portability. There are many different models on the market, so you have plenty of choice, and there is bound to be one for you. So, what do you look for when choosing an airless paint sprayer? First, let’s talk about the technology involved, how they work, and why they should be your first choice.

OK, we understand that the traditional brush and tray is also a portable option, but why do you put off painting jobs routinely? It’s because they are messy and tiresome, and take a lot of effort and time. An airless paint sprayer is a better choice as it can be very portable indeed. For example, you can get a Graco X5 paint sprayer with a lengthy hose – perhaps as much as 25 feet – and also a lengthy extension cord this clearly gives you the combined distance of the two together in movement, so you can cover great distances.

An airless sprayer typically works with a piston system, in which a piston is driven up and down to build pressure internally to around 3000psi. The beauty of this is that you get a very versatile usage of the paint, as well as a clear and consistent application that results in a neat and very steady surface result. In other words, quality is vastly improved over the traditional brush or roller, and it is much quicker and easier to get the job.

Further Advantages

So, now that you know the basics of what a paint sprayer does, let’s look at things in more detail. A paint spray gun system often consists of a base unit, a hose and a nozzle, and sometimes the frame comes with wheels for added portability. These models are very popular as they can be moved around easily, and are preferred by contractors as they are perfect for using in large spaces. You can find some of the best models among our reviews and it is worth reading as much as you can before you decide which one to buy.

Some models are designed so that the paint is delivered directly from the can – the container that holds the paint – and these are among the most versatile of all. If you need one that has a long hose, these may not be the ones that you want, so make sure you check the pros and cons of each one in advance. Bear in mind that paint sprayer designs can vary greatly, so make sure you choose the one that has the right features for you.

How to Choose

How do you go about deciding which airless paint sprayer is the one for you? The best way to do so is to check our reviews and get your head around the various specifications as this will help you understand what these very clever machines are capable of. Start by considering what you want to use it for; are you primarily doing small jobs or industrial applications for example? If so, one that has a self-clean function may be the right choice for you. If, however, you need to tackle more comprehensive work and require a commercial paint sprayer, consider the bigger, more powerful models that are used by contractors, as they may offer you a more impressive range of performance.

You also need to consider the nozzle; this is the delivery part of the machine, and you will find there are many different options available, and they deliver a range of results and finishes. This is important when you want to tackle different jobs around the home and garden, where versatility is required. You can find information on this aspect among our reviews, and we hope that we have included enough to help you understand things better.

The power of your airless paint sprayer is also an important consideration; some smaller models are considerably less able than larger ones, so for bigger jobs, you might need to consider one of the models that are preferred by the contractors. These may be more expensive, but some can deliver as much as a gallon per minute, which means you can cover a great deal of area in no time at all. If cutting down on time is your major consideration then look at the larger machines as they may be the solution you are looking for.

For the ultimate in portability, the smaller models may be adequate, and there are many that are perfect for small jobs around the home and garden. These are the ones to look at if you just want to be able to do occasional jobs, and are surprisingly cheap and very reliable. We will talk about some of the different makes in a moment, so you can get an idea of what you need to know.

We recommend you look for airless paint sprayer guns that come with interchangeable nozzles and heads, as these allow you to cover many different types of work with ease. Whatever you choose, we are sure you will find that an airless paint sprayer is a very useful and welcome tool in your kit, and will be much-used too.

Factors to Consider

As with all such tools and machines, there can be problems to look out for that come as part and parcel of the design. This is not to say the machines are faulty or of poor design, but that paint – as with brushes and rollers – comes with its own set of problems! If you need a paint sprayer that you will use on a regular basis you may want to consider one that promises easy maintenance. Some are more capable in this area than others, so it is worth checking reviews for more information.

For example, many models come with a built-in flush system, which allows you to simply flush the paint out of the hose and nozzle in a few minutes. This means you can change colours or types quickly, and gives you a great deal of added versatility. These are very handy for using on smaller, regular jobs around the home, and are both popular and affordable. The smaller models tend to be the most versatile, so if you don’t need colossal capacity there is plenty of choice.

The size and weight of the machine are also important considerations; you don’t want one that is too heavy for you to move around when required, so if a small, hand-held device will suffice, make sure you choose one of these. If, however, you need greater capacity and power, be prepared to use a machine that might take some moving around, or look for one with the best combination of hose and cord length.

Paint capacity is also a worthy consideration; some carry considerably more than others and, as a result, need filling up less often. These are the best models for you if you want to cover large areas – perhaps whole rooms or lengthy fences – in a short time, as you don’t need to replenish the reservoir so often. You will find the best of these have a reservoir that is housed in the base unit, and they can often be very capable indeed.

Basically, you need to consider how often you will be using it, what you will be painting, and where you need to get to in order to do the job, and then use our reviews to find the best model within your budget.

Potential Problems

It is worth knowing in advance about the possible potential problems you may experience when you begin to use an airless paint sprayer, especially if you have not used one of these devices before. They all do roughly the same thing – spray paint in a uniform fashion using a turbine system – and hence the pitfalls you may experience should apply to most. On the whole, pain sprayers are reliable machines as they have few moving parts, but you need to look out for the following:

Poor spray pattern – this can be noticeable when your tip is damaged or has become worn, and is easy to rectify by fitting a new tip. It can also be caused by not creating enough pressure, which you can alter via the controls on your base unit. Newcomers are advised to try painting on a practice area before tackling the full job, to get used to the process.

Clogging – paint is often a thick substance, so it is not unusual for the spray channels to become clogged, especially if left unused and in need of cleaning. Your paint sprayer will come with instructions telling you how to quickly rinse the machine in this instance, so you can get back to work very quickly.

Overheating – if you find that your motor is getting very hot, it is most likely the fact that your nozzle is too small for the job you are tackling and the paint you are using. Changing to a slightly larger one should cure the problem.

These are a few of the common problems you may experience, but if you keep your machine clean as instructed by the manufacturer, and use it correctly, you will find that an airless paint sprayer is a very reliable and ultimately useful machine to have around the home.

Choosing a Brand

The popularity of airless paint sprayers means that many brands have entered the market, and each has an impressive choice of models that you need to consider. Once you have worked out the size and power of the model you require, it is worth considering some of the makes, so we will take a moment here to tell you of the best ones.

Wagner is a popular make and one that offers a wide variety of different models, and these sprayers are often favoured by commercial users for their power, capacity and reliability. You can check reviews of Wagner models with us. The Graco Magnum range is also a popular one, and features a number of heavy-duty models, so is also worth checking out via our reviews. Earlex offers a wide range of machines, some of which are surprisingly portable yet very capable, while Titan is another brand you might want to consider. There are many more, so read through our website and you will get a better idea of what you need to know before you buy.

An airless paint sprayer is an excellent device to have around the home, and will certainly make your life easier when it comes to painting and decorating, as well as for protecting your outdoor woodwork. Have a closer look at our reviews for all the information you need on choosing one of these machines, as we feel sure there is one for everyone.

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