Titan 440 Paint Sprayer Review

Titan 440 Impact Skid Style Airless Paint Sprayer

Titan 440 Airless Paint Sprayer

Titan 440 Airless Paint Sprayer







        Value For Money



          • Professional grade machine
          • Compact design
          • Replacement parts available


          • Not for the average home owner
          • Quite heavy to move around
          • Requires servicing

          Introducing The Titan 440 Paint Sprayer

          Painting and decorating is one of those jobs that always takes low priority around the home. It’s not that you don’t want to do the job – whether it’s painting a wall, fence or other home fitments – but that you really cannot face the mess and the bother that comes with it. Well, after reading out Titan 440 review you can leave all that behind you.

          Titan 440 Airless Paint Sprayer

          Paint sprayers are not new – they have been used commercially for many years – but it is only in recent years that developments in technology have allowed them to be affordable to be usable by the domestic householder. The modern versions are very versatile, often extremely portable, surprisingly cheap and very usable, and really will make your life easier.

          As there are many different types of paint sprayer available which use different types of technology, Airless, HVLP & handhelds just to mention a few. It can be difficult to recommend one that will suit everybody as every requirement is slightly different, but if you’re planning on paint more than just one room in your house, an airless paint sprayer is probably the best bet.

          We want to talk here about a model that has caught our eye over the year, and for many reasons; it’s a very impressive paint sprayer that is both powerful and versatile, and is one that could easily be used by a commercial sprayer as much as it could by a home DIY user. However, it is a quite heavy-duty model, so if you are looking for a more portable and smaller device, this might not be the one.

          So, let us introduce to you our Titan 440 Impact Review, a very impressive paint sprayer with some highly acclaimed features.

          Airless Paint Spraying with a Titan 400

          The Titan 440i Impact is one of the modern breeds of paint sprayers (you can learn more about them here) that uses a technology known as ‘airless technology’, so we thought it only right we explain this to you before we go much further.

          So WHY airless?

          Let’s take a look at the traditional type of paint sprayer first: this is the sort you may be familiar with, a machine that is attached to an air compressor. The compressor provides a powerful stream of compressed air that atomizes the paint; this creates the spray that is used to paint the walls, fences or any other areas you may be covering. It’s a tried and tested method of painting quickly, but can be a messy one, is not entirely accurate, and requires a lot of equipment. It’s noisy, quite wasteful, and you need a compressor as well as a spray gun.

          Airless Technology

          Airless technology has been a mainstay of paint spraying for some time, and is the preferred method for in-the-home and garden painting, and with DIY users. The reasons are many; first, you don’t need a compressor as there is no element of compressed air involved. In the case of airless, the flow is provided by a piston pumping action which builds high pressure within the machine, with the piston being driven by a large motor that is built into the sprayer. This pushes the paint down the hose, through the gun and then atomized out of the spray tip, and adjustment of these – or the use of different sized tips – is how you choose the width or type of paint spray that you want to achieve.

          The result is a highly efficient method of delivering a spray of paint, and very fine, often detailed, and smooth results. Many airless paint sprayers – the 440 Titan sprayer included – can be fitted with a variety of sizes of tip, for different results and spray patterns, as well as being fully adjustable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor work, and are therefore less wasteful, more accurate, and provide a better finish than your traditional air compressor-driven paint sprayer.

          Titan 440 Motor

          So, is the Titan 440 Impact the one for you? Well, it made on the Paint Sprayer Guide to airless top 4 list and as we have said it’s a heavy-duty model, so if you want one for regular, big jobs, it is probably worthy of consideration. Let’s take the time to have a look at some of its main features, so you can compare it to others among our reviews and see which one is the right one for your painting requirements in and around the home, or even as a professional contractor.

          About the 440 Titan Paint Sprayer

          There are many fine features that come with the Titan 440 Impact and we’ll be covering the main ones in our review. It is a respected brand with an excellent range, so perhaps it is best if we start with the overall design.

          First, this is not a small machine – if you want super-portable there are others that you may wish to consider first – but it is a robust and well-made one, and one that will happily tackle any job that you throw at it. What is different about this one is that it has a skid-style base which means it’s compact and sits low on the floor (as opposed to hi-cart paint sprayers which often sit high on legs above a paint pot on the floor below.

          Despite it being quite heavy, it is relatively easy to move around and although not as portable as some models, with power, comes weight so you will always have a trade-off based on your painting requirements.

          Titan 440 Sprayer Features

          Titan 440 Paint Sprayer Specs

          Let’s run through some of the specifications and pros and cons of the Titan 440 airless paint sprayer, so you can compare it via our other reviews with similarly priced and capable models:

          330 PSI

          The Titan paint sprayer is capable of a very powerful spray delivery thanks to its powerful electric motor and turbine system. Featuring the very latest technology, this is a model that will be reliable and robust – as well as versatile and accurate – and can be used for a variety of purposes. The powerful pressure means that it can be adjusted more readily, so you get a wider choice of settings and potential spray coverage. All in all, it’s an efficient and reliable model that will suit the ongoing DIY enthusiast with perhaps a large house or other buildings to paint, and may also suffice for a commercial painter.

          Interchangeable Spray Tips

          with an airless paint sprayer the beauty of the design lies on the accuracy with which you can paint, and that it’s down in

          no small part to the spray tip. Different size tips provide different levels and types of spray – you can purchase 100+ different tip sizes that vary both the spray width and the amount of flow. Thicker paints will require larger flow rates and thinner paints lower flow rates so it’s well worth checking the datasheet for the paint you’ll be using to find out what tip size is recommended.

          Titan Airless Spray Gun with 517 Tip

          Note: You can purchase most spray tips for the Titan paint sprayer on Amazon here.

          The Titan 440 paint sprayer can be fitted with a full range of alternative spray tips up to a maximum of 0.023 – more than adequate for good and sensible even spraying and coverage – and to much smaller for very fine performance, so is extremely versatile in terms of adjustability. The tip is also reversible, which aids the cleaning process and to clear paint clogs (which will occur with all paint sprayers).

          Various Paints and Materials

          You may be using your Titan 440 for a variety of different purposes, so the fact it can spray paint plus latex and enamels, various stains and lacquers is a major selling point. It’s perfect in fact, for everything from painting indoor and outdoor walls and woodwork, through protecting coats on fences and outdoor buildings. Being easy to clean, you can change between colors and materials very quickly, and with little wastage and time lost.

          Powerful Motor

          Like all airless sprayers, the Titan 440 sprayer is powered by an electric motor that drives a turbine, and this one is a reliable and very powerful motor that will certainly do the required job. It comes with all filters that are needed to provide reliable and constant performance, and is designed for long life with low maintenance, so will give you value for money no matter how often you need to use it.

          The Titan 440 Impact comes with a lengthy 7.5 metre spray hose and power cord, so you can reach all the areas you need to without having to move it all the time, and is equipped with everything you need to make painting both indoors and outdoors, easy and efficient, as well as saving on waste and time in the process. It’s a well-built model with many fine attributes and has met with a great deal of excellent reviews on consumer websites, so comes highly recommended from satisfied users. The only question that remains to be asked is the one we shall tackle now – is it the one for you?

          Titan 440i Impact Review Summary

          The Titan 440 paint sprayer is a very capable airless paint sprayer that is built to a high standard, and one that can easily handle heavy duty work – even that regularly performed by professional contractors – but the question remains: is it the right model for you, for your personal requirements and price budget?

          We’ll start with this: if you are a contractor, and are looking for a powerful, versatile Titan airless paint sprayer that will be able to tackle any job you need, the Titan 440 Impact is certainly one for your shortlist. It is robust, powerful and well-made, is well-equipped and easy to use and maintain, and is compact enough – at just 19x23x19inches – to fit in a van without taking up too much space. As it’s a professional grade machine, it’s also a serviceable machine which means you can buy Titan 440i parts online and there are retailers that specialize in servicing Titan machines.  If you are having difficulties with your machine, there’s a great troubleshooting section in the Titan 440 manual.

          For homeowners, or DIY enthusiasts, this Titan paint sprayer is also a contender, but with a few notable and worthwhile provisos. First, it is not the most easily-moved model – at not much less than 50lbs in weight it is quite hefty – so if you want to carry it up and down stairs on a regular basis, there may be other models better suited to consider.

          However, that’s not to say you should not include the Titan Impact on your list of possible purchases as, while not the cheapest model out there, it has a brilliant reputation and will last you many years with endless performance and complete reliability, coupled with great results and the ability to cover large areas in no time at all.

          For an easier life, less mess and great paintwork, check out our homepage other paint sprayer reviews, or just add one of these excellent machines to your toolkit – you won’t regret it!

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