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The Best Paint Sprayer for Interior Walls

Painting the interior of your house is never something you look forward to. It’s one of those jobs that, while it needs doing, you will put it off as long as you possibly can. You might want to simply paint a wall, one that is looking a little dirty, or you may want a change of décor. Whatever you want to paint, the desire is there, but the will to actually do the job is often somewhat lacking.


Introducing Interior Paint Spraying

So, what is the alternative? To use an airless paint sprayer. So what’s so great about an airless paint sprayer for home interiors? Well, to begin with, they do away with the need for slow, outdated brushes and rollers, plus those awful trays, and the cleaning that goes with them. Then, they make the job a lot easier and far quicker than it normally would be, no matter the size of the area you are painting. And, they are versatile and can be used on a wide range of different jobs, so you can take on any painting job in the home and get it done with no problem at all.

The market for paint sprayers is a hard-fought one, so you will find that you have a lot of reading to do which is why we have put together not only this guide but also some in-depth reviews of different paint sprayers – of all the types available – that will help you make the right decision. Let’s start by looking at how a paint sprayer works, and what the two main types are.

The Main Types of Indoor Paint Sprayers

When it comes to an indoor paint sprayer, there are three main types of paint sprayer that you need to know about: airless paint sprayers, HVLP paint sprayers, and handheld paint sprayers. Each type of interior paint sprayer has pros and cons, so it’s worth your time learning more about the different types of paint sprayer technologies so you can decide which type is best suited for the particular job at hand.

Best Paint Sprayer Reviews

The airless paint sprayer technology is the much more efficient version and has become the one preferred by DIY users and nearly all professional decorators and contractors. There are some models that are surprisingly powerful which are more geared towards the professional interior paint sprayer market, but there is also a wide selection of the interior paint sprayers which are cost effective and perfect for indoor paint spraying.

What’s The Best Indoor Paint Sprayer For You?

Undoubtedly, if you are looking for an interior paint sprayer that you can ‘plug and spray’ without any real setup or fuss, and that can use anywhere indoors (or even outdoors) then an airless paint sprayer or a decent handheld paint sprayer are the ones to look for.

So, without any further ado, let’s talk about some of the brands and models that might be right for you, with a look at the pros and cons of each so we can help you find the right paint sprayer to cover all your interior and indoor painting needs.

The Best Interior Paint Sprayers

As you are reading this, you have likely already decided that you need a paint sprayer for your interior painting and decorating, but which one do you choose? It can be difficult, as there are many different makes and models on the market, so we have chosen a couple of the best-known brands, and here we give you an idea of what certain models from that maker can do.

Wagner Paint Sprayers

One of the biggest names in paint spraying equipment – as well as much else – Wagner is regarded as a mid-range brand and as a result, offers decent quality exterior and interior paint sprayers that do the job at sensible prices. They are not, it has to be said, top of the range models that are suitable for the contractor, but around-the-house devices that will tackle any home DIY painting job with ease, and with greater efficiency than a brush and roller approach. Below, we take a look at a few of the models in the Wagner range that would be entirely suitable for interior work, and that we think you should consider if you are looking for one of these machines.

Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP

Tthis model is a different type to most in that it uses HVLP technology; that stands for ‘High Volume Low Pressure’ and it is among the very latest designs on the market. The beauty of this technique is that it is highly adjustable and easy to control and provides you with excellent accuracy and ease of use, and it also sprays paints that don’t need to be thinned, hence cutting down on your preparation time.

Wagner Flexio 890 Spray Station

It comes with a variety of accessories including a detail muzzle that is perfect for smaller applications, is powerful enough to cover decent areas – an 8x10ft wall in 5 minutes is the manufacturer claim – and is surprisingly portable and light so is perfect for use in and around the home or the garage.

Using a Wagner Flexio Paint Sprayer

It’s quiet, easy to clean and comes with the guarantee of Wagner quality, and if you want a machine for occasional jobs around the home, and one with simple to change paint colours and types, this could be the one for you.

Wagner Control Spray Double Duty

The sprayer was featured in our top 4 best handheld paint sprayer category and whilst can be a little limited in its capacity as it is designed to be a hand-held model that can be used for smaller jobs, it is perfect for such projects and is great for detail work. It comes with three spray settings – not as many as some but somewhat versatile nevertheless – and is easy to use, although you will find it needs filling quite often.

The clever trigger-control solution means you can choose instantly from 10 spray patterns, and it is very simple to set up and go. It is easy to change this one from one type of paint to another, so you will have no trouble using indoors as well as out. It’s a good, well-made and surprisingly cheap model, but there are others that may be of more use to the regular user.

One thing in its favour is that it is very light, and it can also be cleaned very easily, so you can use this one for occasional work and have it ready for the next job in no time at all.

That’s a couple from Wagner, so now we move onto another brand that is very big in the world of paint sprayers – Graco.

Graco Paint Sprayers

Graco is another of the big players in the paint sprayer market, and one that is considered a step above Wagner – perhaps – in terms of quality. Their models also tend to be a cut above in price, too, but some of their range is very impressive indeed. Here are a couple of models for you to look at, both of which come highly recommended by satisfied users.

Graco Magnum X5 Airless

The Graco Magnum range is one of the most popular of all, and its airless models are both hugely impressive and massively popular. It consists of well-built, cleverly designed and notably reliable machines that combine excellent features with sensible and easy to use functional controls.

Graco X5 Magnum Spray System

This model – the X5 Airless – is typical of the range and comes with all the usual attributes: it uses airless technology – this means it is powered by an electric turbine that pumps the paint through – so it does not need a compressor, and it provides a fine stream of paint that is fully adjustable and can be tuned to provide a range of finishes and styles.

It is light and simple to set up, is designed for occasional around-the-house use and is made especially to be easy to clean, and it is fitted with a swivel nozzle so you can direct the paint spray wherever you want without having to contort your hands to strange positions when dealing with awkward spaces!

The X5 Airless is a very popular model with a sensible capacity, so you won’t have to refill it every other minute, and one that can cover sensible areas in a short time period. It’s easy to clean, effective and efficient, and sensibly priced, and ranks very highly among paint sprayers that are perfect for painting walls and other interior fittings, and also for occasional use in and outside the house.

Graco Magnum Pro-X Hi-Boy

this clever design combines all the attributes of Graco quality with added versatility: it is transported via a neat cart that everything can be packed away in, and so it can be taken anywhere you want easily and without hassle, with everything you need close to hand. Nevertheless, it is extremely lightweight so is easy to move around, and is designed to perform without the need for priming or thinning, so is simple to use.

It’s not the cheapest of models, but it does perform well and has a five-gallon tank that will provide a large area of coverage, and it is easy to clean and low maintenance. When it comes to putting it away, the hose – a good length for reaching awkward places – wraps around the handle, and the whole thing can be parked out of view. It’s a perfect one for indoors, and perhaps even more so for outdoor use.

Graco and Wagner are by no means the only names to look for; you might also want to consider the likes of Earlex, who have an excellent range of paint sprayers, and also many other brands who offer a variety of models that are both efficient and sensibly-priced. However, from experience and the testimony of satisfied users, we can say that we consider these two brands to be the leaders in affordable DIY paint spraying equipment, so we recommend you check out our reviews for all the information you need on the best choice for you.

How To Paint Interior Walls

Spray painting interior walls is not hard but there are certainly some steps you need to follow to ensure you get the job done properly. The full process is a bit beyond the scope of this article, but it’s something we will be covering in a separate article soon. A summary of the process for painting indoor walls is along the lines of:

  • Purchase a suitable indoor paint sprayer.
  • Buy the best indoor paint.
  • Remove all furniture from the room and cover all floors.
  • Correctly mask all windows, lights and any other fittings.
  • Spray the interior walls and allow air to circulate for the paint to dry

Buyers Guide For The Best Indoor Paint Sprayers

We’ve done our best to give you an idea of the models and types of paint sprayer that you can find at sensible prices today, and also with an idea of some brands to consider, and if you are ready to buy, we guarantee that once you find the one for you, this will be an affordable investment that you will not regret.

For indoor – and generally, for outdoor – use we strongly recommend that you take a closer look at the many airless models on offer. These combine portability and efficiency with ease of use, low maintenance, and simple cleaning, and they are highly adjustable and can be used to produce an excellent finish that – with a little practice – can reach professional standards. Look for a model with all the accessories and that is in your price range and, if you can, try and buy the best you can afford, as it will prove to be a sensible move.

Airless paint sprayers really are a revolution in the world of home decoration and DIY, and you will find they make the job not also easier, but far more enjoyable than with a brush or roller. For all the information you need on a wide variety of both outdoor and indoor paint sprayers from all the major brands – and some more – take a look at our comprehensive reviews, and we hope that we have helped you find the one that suits your needs.


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