HomeRight Finish Max C800766 Paint Sprayer Review

HomeRight C800766 Max Fine Finish Paint Sprayer

HomeRight C800766 Max Fine Finish Paint Sprayer







        Value For Money



          • Decent capacity
          • Adjustable nozzles
          • Variety of paint
          • Lightweight


          • You may want more power
          • Some are larger
          • Spray can exceed the area you are aiming at

          Painting around the home is one of those jobs you simply have to do, yet remains a chore. While the results are undoubtedly welcome, it’s the getting there that’s the problem! All that mess from splashes of paint, all those brushes and trays to clear, and then you have those annoying drips that spoil an otherwise excellent finish!

          As you take a walk around your home, you probably see many areas of rooms that need painting, yet you put the off time and time again. Or, you might have old furniture that could look a lot better if you took a paintbrush to it, but can’t face the thought of the preparation and the cleaning up afterwards.

          Whatever it is you want to paint, and whether it’s using a roller or a brush, there is always a problem that crops up. Well, we may have the answer for you: have you considered using a paint sprayer?

          These very versatile and affordable machines were once the domain of commercial users only, but these days you can find a wide variety of models, from many makers, that will make your home painting routine a lot easier. We took a look at one, the HomeRight Finish Max C800786, in detail, so you can find out what it’s all about.

          Introduction to the HomeRight Paint Sprayer

          The HomeRight Finish Max C800786 is an affordable domestic paint sprayer with many impressive features and one that will certainly make your life a lot easier when it comes to decorating! It’s a neat and easy to use model that comes at a very sensible price, offers excellent capacity and capability, and can be used with a variety of different types of paint and coatings.

          This model can cover a decent sized area in a short time, is a hand-held design that is designed for simplicity, and is ready for use straight out of the box with a minimum of necessary assembly. You get a choice of spray patterns and a variety of adjustable nozzle sizes within the package, and full instructions as to how to use it.

          The major benefits of using a paint sprayer are an even coating that is easy to apply – with a non-drip finish – and also that they cover a great area in a much shorter time than when using a brush or a roller. There is also less mess at the end, all the remaining paint is contained in one reservoir, and the ease of which you can change between paints and colors is also enhanced.

          The HomeRight Finish Max C800786 is designed to be used by beginners and experienced paint sprayers equally, and is a user-friendly and simple to set up and clean device, and makes for a good addition to any tool kit at a great price. It’s perfect for walls, furniture and even external fences and fixtures, and is lightweight and simple to switch on and operate.

          In short, if you are looking for a paint sprayer for occasional use, this may be the one that sits at the top of your shortlist in terms of value for money and usability.

          Features of the Finish Max

          There are some things to look for when choosing a paint sprayer for home use, and it has to be said that the HomeRightC800786 Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer comes equipped with all the right features.

          A 27-ounce container means you get a lot of paint in the reservoir so will be able to cover considerable areas before you need to fill up again, Bear in mind that the nature of a paint sprayer means there is less need for thinning with a roller or brush, so you are ready to get up and go more quickly.

          This model is designed to simply fill up, switch on and go; there is no need for priming, and it provides an even spray and cover. You can adjust the spray pattern through circular, horizontal and vertical patterns – and across 1” to 6” spray widths – and the volume can be altered using one simple control knob.

          It weighs less than 3lb and is therefore easy to handle, and as it measures just 5x9x12.5inches it takes up very little space when packed away and not in use. With the HomeRight Finish Max C800786, you can choose from a variety of types of paint and coatings including enamel paints, chalk and milk paints, oil and water-based coatings, sealers, stains, and varnish. It’s a very versatile model, then, and at a price that will not break the bank.

          There are larger-capacity models on the market, but they tend to be designed that come with an external tray for the paint. These are very good, we should say, but not quite as portable. There are also more powerful motors than this 400W version, but we reckon that should be adequate for average domestic use.

          Pros and Cons

          As with all products there are things we like, and those we are not so sure about; here’s a quick list of pros and cons of the HomeRight Finish Max C800786.


          • Decent capacity
          • Adjustable nozzles
          • Variety of paint
          • Lightweight
          • Compact
          • Easy to use
          • Good price


          • You may want more power
          • Some are larger
          • A bit fiddly to fill
          • Spray can exceed the area you are aiming at

          What We Think of the HomeRight C800766

          If you are looking for an easier way to spray walls, furniture, fences or anything in and around the home than the standard brush and roller, and a cleaner and hassle-free method too, a paint sprayer is a great idea.

          As such, the HomeRight Finish Max C800786 is a very neat beginner’s paint sprayer with all the attributes you need for working on furniture or smaller areas in the home. It provides great results at an excellent price. Our only reservation would be if you wanted it for more comprehensive use, and this is designed for the home and is clearly not a commercial-grade paint sprayer.

          Great for the home and occasional use, easy to use, and an excellent price. There are tons of Homeright paint sprayer reviews to be found on Amazon so we recommend checking them out too.


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