Graco Mark V Review

Graco Mark V Airless Paint Sprayer Review

Introducing the top of the line Graco Mark V Texspray airless paint sprayer & plaster sprayer. The Graco Mark 5 texture sprayer is packed full of new features and 20% more effective than its predecessor, the Mark IV.

With its increased flow rate, you can get a job completed faster saving you precious time and money.

Increased tip sizes, an all new heavy duty texture gun and extra horse power are just some of the extremely high performance features that this new upgraded sprayer includes.

Introduction to The Graco Texspray Range

The Graco Mark V is available in 3 different models, which includes the Standard Series, the ProContractor series and the top of the range Iron Man series each with their own perks and pricing. This allows you to buy exactly what you need and not spend money on features you’re not going to use.

With that said, let’s get on to our 2018 Graco Mark V review.

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Standard Series
5000 Watt Motor
Graco Advantage Drive System
SmartControl 3.0
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ProContractor Series
QuikReel Technology
Superbright LCD Display
WatchDog Pump Protection
Fast Flush System

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Iron Man Series
MaxLife Extended Life Tech
Full Steel Rollcage
Runflat Tyres - No Punctures!
Packed Full Of Features

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Who’s The Graco Mark V For

This machine is the best of the best, and it’s not for your average joe. The Graco Mark V is built and designed for large scale texture spraying contractors spraying plaster, fire retardant paints, tennis courts and other commercial applications.

The sprayer is design for the following types of industry:

  • Texture spraying contractors
  • Plaster sprayers
  • Fire retardant paint sprayers
  • Large volume commercial painting and decorators
  • Sports hall rubber spraying

It’s massive 5000 watt motor can pump out 5 litres per minute, giving huge speed and time advantages over any other model of airless paint sprayer out there.

Graco Mark V Sprayer Features

Each of the different models of the Graco Mark V have their own unique features, so let’s run through each of them separately.

The Graco Mark V Standard Series

The most basic model in the range, but none the less an absolute power house.

 Graco Mark V TexSpray ProContractor Series

  • All New MaxPower 5000w Brushless Motor – With this maintenance free, hidden away motor you’ll never have the change brushes again. The brushless motor provides increased performance & better reliability.
  • The Graco Advantage Drive System – Graco’s own drive system ensures a long life and much quieter operating noise (Around 91dBa from 1 metre).
  • Introducing SmartControl 3.0 – Graco’s patented automatic pressure control system, it delivers a consistent spray at any spraying pressure without any flutations.
  • Easy Servicing – With the MaxFlo+ system, it’s incredibly durable and easy to service so less time in the workshop and more time spraying.
  • Solid Steel Frame – The Graco Mark V isn’t light, so it’s been fitted with a chrome plated steel frame that makes this machine near bullet proof.
  • High Pressure Prime Valve – The prime valve has been upgraded once again, providing a simple maintence free dump valve that can withstand high pressure dumping.


The Graco Mark V ProContractor Series

The ProContractor series features everything that the Standard model has, and all of these extras.

Graco Mark V Texspray Standard Series

  • Graco QuikReel – Deploy and recoil a huge 300 foot of hose in just a few seconds without tangles, twists or coils.
  • Super Bright LED Display – The screen doesn’t just provide pressure readings, it provides details on the job gallon count, the lifetime gallon count and most importantly self diagnostics.
  • WatchDog Pump Protection – This Graco only feature is a life saver, if it detects the pump has run out of fluids or detects a huge unknown pressure drop, it’ll cut the machine off for protection.
  • ProConnect 2 – Super fast servicing, you can replace the packings in seconds, meaning no down times and on the job fixes.
  • The Fast Flush System – This revolutionary cleaning system designed by Graco allows you to clean the sprayer up to 4 x faster using half the amount of water.


Graco Mark V IronMan Series

The IronMan series is what the Bentley is to the car wold, it includes every optional extra they could think of.

Graco Mark V TexSpray IronMan Series

  • MaxLife – The Graco MaxLife Extreme Duty keeps you working longer between packing swaps. With this and the ProConnect 2 which allows you to replace the packing kit in seconds without any tools, you’ll never be late finished a job again.
  • Steel Roll Cage – Just incase the Graco Mark V wasn’t sturdy enough, they added a full roll cage to protect the machine from all angles.
  • Run flat tyres – No more punctures, roll the machine through any type of debris and not run the risk of flat tyres at the end of the day.
  • Extra 50ft of hose – The IronMan series comes supplied with an additional 50ft of hose.


Other Features To Note

One of my favorites and best features about the Graco Mark V range is the digital SmartControl-E technology. It continuously monitors how you’re spraying and adjusts the setup in under a second to ensure you’re spraying at maximum efficiency with perfect results.

Even with multiple guns attached to the Mark V, the SmartControl technology will adjust accordingly to delivery to perfect spray, every time.

Graco Mark V Comparison

Review Summary for Graco Mark V

You don’t need me to tell you that this is by far the best industrial plaster sprayer and one of biggest best airless paint sprayer available on the market in 2018.

The technology Graco have spent years perfecting is simply leaps and bounds ahead of any other brand on the market and with upgrades and performance increases with every new model, it doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

If you feel this airless sprayer isn’t quite right for you (perhaps too big?), check out our full review guide to the Best Airless Paint Sprayers for 2018 here:

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