Graco X5 Airless Paint Sprayer Review

Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer Review

Graco Magnum X5 Paint Sprayer - Overall Score

Graco Magnum X5 Paint Sprayer - Overall Score







        Value For Money



          • Less than 19lb, making it portable
          • Generous 25ft spray hose
          • Fast, high pressure 2800psi spraying
          • Extremely easy for beginners to use
          • Power flush technology makes cleaning easy


          • Not suitable for on-going professional use
          • You may have to thin some thick paints
          • Replacement parts not overly cheap

          Painting around the home and garden is one of those jobs that you want to do yet you keep putting off. Ceilings, for example, are such a chore to tackle with a brush or roller, and walls and fences equally taxing. That’s where airless paint sprayers come in. Now, you may think that these are only for professionals; you’d be wrong! There are many different models on the market such as the Graco X5 that is designed for use by the handyman or homeowner, and this review is about one of them.

          What is an airless paint sprayer? An airless paint sprayer is a machine that does not use a brush or roller but uses a powerful spray of paint to cover areas very quickly. Until recently they were often quite expensive, especially as they needed a compressor for power, but recent developments in technology have provided us with a range of very clever airless paint sprayers. These use a piston system – as will be described below – so do away with the need for the expensive and inefficient compressor.

          So, let us get into our Graco Magnum X5 review, which could just be the perfect paint sprayer for all those jobs you have been dreading tackling!

          Graco Spray Gun


          Introduction to the Graco Magnum X5 Sprayer

          Introducing the Graco Magnum X5 (262800) Airless Paint Sprayer, a machine designed to make your life easier! For the home-owner or landowner looking to get to grips with jobs such as painting walls and fences, or doors and roofs, this airless model from market-leading manufacturer Graco is the perfect choice. Graco paint sprayers are ideal for fixtures and fittings, too, and for just about any occasional painting job that needs doing, in and around the home or in commercial properties.

          The airless design means that this machine does away with the need for a large compressor as a power source; simply plug it into a conventional wall socket and you’re ready to spray.

          Who’s The X5 Made For?

          This Graco magnum 262800 x5 stand airless paint sprayer is very similar to the Graco LTS 15 and many of the other Magnum paint sprayers from Graco. It is as simple to use as it gets, and comes with all the features you need to cover your painting requirements.

          Spraying Paint with the Graco X5

          It is surprisingly powerful in comparison to some other models (but not quite as powerful as the Graco Magnum X7 model), and you can rely on the fact that Graco has put many years of research and development into developing and perfecting its air spraying technology. The long, flexible hose gives good reach so you can tackle even high walls and ceilings with ease. It uses a cleverly designed piston pick-up system to provide you with a constant and steady stream of paint, and you can choose from a one to five-gallon bucket depending upon your requirements.

          This is a well-built machine, as you would expect from a brand such as Graco with such as large reputation, and is one that – while intended for occasional use – could also be used by professionals for smaller jobs.

          The Magnum X5 also features an auto-stop function; release the trigger, and your paint sprayer pump and the motor will both stop. This is an excellent safety feature that adds to the simplicity of the design and prevents potential overheating problems that can be seen in designs without such safeguards.

          It has a nicely designed heavy-duty stand, too, so will not move unnecessarily when in use, and all the main controls are in the right places for ease of use and instant, seamless operation.

          Further benefits of this model include the fact it is designed to be very simple to clean, and cleaning a paint sprayer after use is an essential part of maintenance. Simply run warm water through the hose with soap or detergent, and you will find it is very easy to get it back to as good as new for next time you need to use it.

          How Much Does the Graco X5 Cost?

          Now, the big question – price: the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 is not the cheapest paint sprayer on the market, but what you get in terms of quality, efficiency and the guarantees of the Graco name are not easy to find in other brands offering models in this price range. For someone with a lot of painting work to do, perhaps on a renovation project, this is an ideal machine for making it as easy as can be and comes highly recommended by satisfied users.


          The above introduction should give you a good idea of what the Graco Magnum X5 is all about, but we thought that we would give you more detail about the features that this very neat, top quality sprayer offers. If you need more technical specs, check out the product datasheet on the Graco website here.

          Sucks paint straight from the pot

          • Weight – with a weight of less than 19lb, you will find the Graco X5 airless paint sprayer easy to move around, so you can take it anywhere and tackle those painting jobs you have been meaning to do for ages.
          • Size – this compact machine measures just 19.4x15x12.8inches so is small enough to use in even the most awkward spaces and provides more than adequate usage.
          • Hose – the 25ft long airless hose is fully flexible and allows you to operate the machine easily and efficiently.
          • Pressure – if you are used to using a compressed-air paint sprayer, you may be concerned about the available pressure from an airless sprayer. This one can work at up to a maximum of 2800psi, which is perfectly adequate for home and occasional use, although there are more powerful models available in the Graco range if required.
          • Delivery Rate – the Magnum X5 can deliver paint at a rate of up to 0.24GPM, which is perfectly sufficient for the type of occasional and home use the machine is intended for, and which may surprise users who are not quite used to the speed these devices can cover a desired area.
          • Motor – a 0.5HP motor gives this model suitable pressure and power, and being a Graco, is also very reliable and cost-effective.
          • Spray tip – you can use a variety of tip sizes on this model, with a maximum of 0.015 for accurate and impressive delivery. Those are the basic specifications that make this a very sensible choice for an occasional use paint sprayer, so let’s take a closer look at some of the design features that make this one a very easy to use and surprisingly effective paint sprayer for the handyman.
          • Ease of Use – Graco has gone out of its way to make this model, the Magnum X5, easy to use for the homeowner. The fully adjustable control knob, for instance, is in exactly the right place for simple reach and can be adjusted easily and quickly to a number of different available settings. A lot of thought has gone into details such as this thanks to Graco and its dedication to quality design.
          • Pump Action – those who are not used to an airless sprayer will find this easy to get used to, and the one to five-gallon tank provides constant delivery at the same rate so you can cover large areas very easily and with surprising accuracy. It’s a neater and more energy-efficient method of spray-painting, too. The pump is a piston-type design that is made of hard stainless steel for durability and long life.
          • Sturdy Stand – the X5 is designed for home and handyman use and comes with a nicely-designed and very sturdy stand, so even though you are using a 25m hose, the machine will not move when in use. It’s also surprisingly light for moving from place to place.
          • Power Flush – the ease with which you can flush the hose and clean after use is simply amazing; all you need to do is attach the hose, add the cleaning fluid, and the power flush mode does it for you – in no time at all.
          • Visible Power Source – in a neat and very welcome design touch, this model features a plug that glows when plugged into the socket, which is both handy for finding it, and also a great safety feature.
          • Carry Handle – typical of Graco’s design ethos is the simple to use carry handle, which is built into the design and makes this a very easy machine to move around, thanks in no small part to its…
          • Size and Weight – it is small, light, and easy to move; perfect, in fact, for adding to your kit for when you need to do some painting around the home or garden.
          • Maintenance – Graco has made this a fully lubricated model, and as such it offers a maintenance-free life. Keep it clean – make sure you flush it after every use – and take care of it, and it will provide you with a very long life thanks to the quality of the parts included and of the overall build.

          All in all, then, this is a great machine, but do you need one? Put it this way: spray painting is far, far easier than with a brush or roller, and if you have a reasonably sized job to tackle – say painting rooms in the house or office, or even outdoor walls and fences, this neat little machine will get plenty of use.

          It’s simple to use and, being airless, needs no noisy and expensive compressor; you simply plug into the mains, add your paint, and away you go, with a nice and even finish guaranteed. Once you get used to this device, you will wonder why you never had one before, and those painting jobs you have dreaded tackling will be easier than you ever believed. Want to see the full manual? You can find it here.

          Graco X5 Review Summary

          If you want further proof that the X5 is a perfect choice for light to medium painting jobs around the home, office or in the garden, check out the Graco Magnum X5 reviews by satisfied customers on Amazon and elsewhere. These easily reflect the quality of the brand and its reputation in what is a strong marketplace, and most are 5-star recommendations – that’s from more than 100 reviews of just this model of Graco airless paint sprayer!

          If you don’t feel this model quite fits your needs, I recommend you check out our Top Rated Airless Paint Sprayers page to see all our favourite airless paint sprayers.

          Why We Like It

          From its ease of use to clever design, through the many features we described above, plus the lack of required maintenance and easy-clean properties, it is a well thought-out and top-quality model from one of the best brand names in the business.

          It’s not the most powerful model on the market – and nor is it the most powerful in the Graco range – but that’s not what the Magnum X5 is aimed at. This model is designed for users who will want to paint walls or fences every now and again; for constant, heavy-duty usage, this manufacturer has models that will suit you, so it’s worth having a look at their full range of products.

          If you are looking for the most effective and efficient, let alone easiest way of painting large areas – whether walls, ceilings or fences – then one of these little and yet powerful Graco X5 machines will do the perfect job for you, and it will take you no time at all to get to grips with spray painting using the clever airless method, so we strongly recommend you check it out further, and get on with those jobs you have been putting off!

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