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Earlex 5500 Spray Station Review

Painting around the home and garden is a necessary job, but one that you tend to put off as long as you can! We all do it: the thought of getting out the brushes and rollers is not a happy one, and there are always more enjoyable ways to spend your time. It remains a fact, however, that painting is necessary; a fresh coat of paint helps preserve fences outdoors, for example, and also makes the indoor décor look a lot better.

So, what can you do to make things easier? You could get a professional in to do the job for you, or you could invest in an Earlex 5500 HVLP paint sprayer. You’ve probably seen these being used by painters and decorators, and they are excellent machines that if you get the frequent use they deserve, are not as expensive as you might believe.

There are some surprisingly portable models on the market, too – indeed our Earlex paint sprayer review you are about to read is the perfect paint sprayer for use around the home, especially for smaller painting project. Let’s have a look at it in more detail, then and give you an idea of what this paint sprayer is all about and why this is a great choice..

Introduction To The Earlex 5500 HVLP Sprayer

Let us introduce you to the Earlex Spray Station 5500, a perfect choice of paint sprayer for those regular small to medium jobs around the home or garden, or for smaller commercial premises. It is compact, simple to use, well-made and not expensive, and comes with a variety of excellent features that make it a popular choice.

Earlex HV500 HVLP Paint SprayerIt would also be great for small-scale contractors who take on typical handyman jobs, or for car enthusiasts who need a decent but not quite professional respray – one you can do in your garage, for example. It’s a very neat design for workshop use, and is popular as a tool to add in your shed for when you need to repaint a fence or are taking on some interior decorating.

It’s not a heavy item – we will cover the specs in more detail a little later on – and is easy to move around, and it has a suitably long hose that means you can get the nozzle into those awkward spaces, as well as a lengthy power cable making it usable just about anywhere. Put simply, if you don’t have a paint sprayer but are looking at your home and thinking there is plenty of painting that needs renewing, or are upgrading your workshop equipment, this could be a good choice for you.

Who’s The Earlex HVLP Paint Sprayer For?

Following on from what we said above, it’s important to understand the Earlex Spray Station 5500 is not a heavy-duty paint sprayer, but one fully designed and intended for smaller or medium-sized jobs such as furniture paint spraying or cabinet spraying. The fact it does not require an air compressor – as many larger and more powerful sprayers do – makes it convenient for use in a house or workshop. If you already have a compressor, you may want to look at a bigger model, but we reckon this can cover most jobs that a handyman or car enthusiast – or anyone with a workshop – will need to do.

Paint Spraying With Earlex HV5500

It is popular with people who enjoy renovating old furniture; you can get that new look easily with the Earlex HV5500 Spray Station in no time at all as it is surprisingly simply to get your job underway. It’s no trouble at all to add paint, you don’t have to connect your compressor, and it’s a simple on and off switch with an adjustable spray nozzle. All the controls are close at hand and easy to reach and use, and the instruction manual is written clearly and is useful and informative. It will fit on your workbench without taking up too much space, or can easily be packed away when not in use.

Although we keep saying this is not one for professionals, we should stress that we mean those who are taking on major projects. For people who paint fences, for example, or offer their services as a handyman around the home or commercial premises, it’s perfect as a paint sprayer for carrying around in the van, and is powerful enough to be able to tackle some fairly serious jobs in the right hands. As already said, it also does away with the need for a compressor, so makes life a lot easier for those who are on the move.

Earlex as a paint sprayer manufacturer is a highly regarded one in the field and has many satisfied customers who are happy with its products – as online reviews will testify – and the quality of this model cannot be overlooked. It’s also easy to maintain and clean, and if looked after correctly, will provide a long life of service, and help you with those awkward painting jobs – as well as making your life a lot easier! Now that we know what it’s all about, let’s have a look at some of the excellent features that make the Earlex 5500 Spray Station a fine choice for your shortlist when considering buying a paint sprayer.

Features of The Earlex 5500

The Earlex 5500 Spray Station is typical of the brand in that it offers excellent performance at a sensible price, yet you also get the guaranteed quality that this respected name promises. This model has a number of excellent features, some of which are as follows:

Easy to Use

For a home of workshop user, the 5500 Earlex Spray Station is an excellent choice as it is very easy to use. It utilises turbine technology for powerful spraying in an instant, and is simple to fill thanks to a front-loading mechanism. It’s also easy to clean, too, so you have no problem getting it ready for the next job when necessary.

Large Container

You don’t want to be filling up with paint time and time again, so the one-quart container that the Earlex HV5500 Spray Station features is an excellent size. It should be said there are bigger models around that will hold more paint, but the added capacity impacts upon the portability of the device itself, so that is a point worth considering.

No Compressor

You don’t need an air compressor to use this paint sprayer, so you can simply plug it in wherever you are, and away you go.
Long Hose – The Earlex Spray Station 5500 has a 13-foot hose; that’s plenty for getting around a car or painting a fence without having to move the machine.

Light and Portable

Designed for use in smaller and medium-sized jobs, the Earlex Spray Station is easy to move around and makes great sense if you are a hobbyist or handyman looking for a paint sprayer to use occasionally.

Three Spray Patterns

There are three possible spray patterns with this model, vertical, horizontal and round, and you can select each very quickly with a simple to use dial. This makes it extremely versatile when it comes to home, garden and workshop jobs.

HVLP Earlex 5500 Spray GunStrong Tip and Needle

This Earlex paint sprayer is fitted with a very sturdy stainless-steel tip and needle, offering excellent durability and fine, accurate performance, so for car enthusiasts will be perfect for those tricky resprays.

That’s a few of the features of the Earlex 5500 Spray Station, so let’s take the time to look at some other benefits and advantages of this paint sprayer in a little more detail.

Why Buy The Earlex Spray Station 5500

Semi-Professional Use

Now, although we have said that this model is for use by the handyman or occasional user, it is also perfectly adequate for semi-pro work on smaller jobs. It is powerful enough to cover sensible areas in quality, and is easy to move around so perfect for a contractor who does external jobs. It is designed by a company with plenty of experience in making professional-level models, so you have no doubts that you are getting what is a top-quality device.

Versatile Usage

One excellent feature of the Earlex 5500 Spray Station is that, thanks to the versatile and durable nature of its design and operation, it can be used to spray a wide variety of different materials. This means you can use both oil and water-based liquids and paints on your various jobs, and that includes lacquers, paints, varnishes and enamels, and for indoor or outdoor jobs. Some sprayers may not include this ability, so make sure you check carefully before you make your choice – you might make an expensive mistake!

Accurate and Powerful

We’ve hinted at the power of the Earlex 5500 paint sprayer but not talked about just how powerful it is. Of course, power is not everything as you also need an accurate sprayer for those tricky or precision jobs. This model has a 650w electric motor that powers a turbine; the turbine is the device that creates the spray.

This is more than adequate for the types of job the Earlex Spray Station 5500 is designed for, so you can rest assured you will not find it lacking in power. Accuracy is also impressive with the Earlex spray gun: at the touch of a button you can easily adjust the spray width from one to 12 inches, so you can vary the amount of paint you apply and how quickly. Such versatility is a welcome boost for a device of this price, so you are getting a good deal when you choose this paint sprayer.


The Earlex HV5500 Spray Station can be fitted with a wide variety of different needle types so you will be able to tackle different sizes of job, and you can buy needles cheaply. It is sensible to have a choice of needles on hand in case you need an alternative width or fineness of spray, so check them out when you are looking at accessories.

Easy to Carry

This model is designed with portability in mind, so is fitted with a highly ergonomic carrying handle that makes it surprisingly easy to take from place to place. As it is, there are few models in this class that are as easy to use, versatile and portable as the Earlex HV5500 Spray Station, so we strongly recommend you check it out further.

The above features are some of many you will find when you take a closer look at the manufacturers specifications, and there are many more that make this one of the most impressive portable, small to medium size paint sprayers on the market. Let’s take a moment to reflect, then, on why this model is one that you should consider if you are looking for a model with this level of capability.

Review Summary for the Earlex 5500

From what you have read above, you will surely agree that the Earlex 5500 Spray Station is a very good paint sprayer with many excellent features. It may not be the cheapest on the market, but it comes from a quality manufacturer with a wide range of these products, and with many satisfied clients.

Portable yet powerful, with accuracy built-in and a durable overall feel, this Earlex sprayer would make the perfect choice for someone who is looking to redecorate a home and wants to make painting easier, or a perfect choice for a small-scale contractor or handyman who may need one on occasion.

Overall, we consider it to be one of the better models in the small to mid-range market, and one that is very much worthy of including on your shortlist, so check it out further for more information.

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