Best Automotive Paint Sprayer For Cars

The Best Automotive Paint Sprayers for Cars

Keeping your car in top condition helps it to keep its value, and if you have a cherished older car, this can mean paying a lot of money to have the car resprayed should the paintwork become tired and shabby. Cars are often exposed to the elements for long periods of time, and stones thrown up from the road can lead to nasty scratches and dents which are unsightly and take away from the overall appeal. Paying a professional is a good choice, but it’s not one that everybody can afford. What is the alternative? We’re going to tell you about auto spray paint, automotive spray gun setups, and why they may be a very sensible purchase for anyone with an interest in keeping a car smart and attractive and learning how they can spray paint their own car.

Why Use a Car Paint Sprayer?

Put simply, only a quality paint sprayer will give you the results you need, that is similar to that you would see if you paid a professional. Of course, you will need to get to grips with the machinery and how it works first, but with a little practice, anyone can use one of the latest paint sprayers and achieve excellent results. They are surprisingly easy to use, come in a range of power levels and sizes, and will save you a lot of money. Whether you are restoring an older car or simply want to give your daily model a new lease of life, this is certainly the way to go.

So, how do you choose from the many makes and models on the market, and what makes some automotive spray paint than others? We will talk a little about some individual models later on, but first, let’s have a closer look at what makes modern paint sprayers so good, and why you need one in your garage.

How Does It Work?

if you have been in a professional body shop, you may have seen them using paint spray guns to paint a car. You might even have used one yourself, perhaps for a school project many years ago or around the home.  They are very reliable so once you get to know your sprayer, you will be able to achieve an excellent finish.

The modern breed of automotive paint guns uses compressor technology; which is a standalone compressed air container that feeds high pressure air through an airline and into the gun. This often makes them far less portable but means they have fewer moving parts than alternative types of car paint sprayers and the high pressure air compression provides the flawless finish that is ideal for spray painting car bodywork. Let’s consider how a paint sprayer will make your life easier, and why you will find it enhances your enjoyment of keeping your car in top condition.

What to Look For When Painting Your Own Car

With so much choice and a wide variety of different car spray paint and auto paint kits, it can be difficult to choose the right one if you don’t know what you are looking for, so here’s a bit more information to help you find one for your car paintwork.

Before you read on, think carefully about what you will be using your paint sprayer for. If you want detail work, for example, there are some that will do the job better than others. If you are painting an entire car, you will need one with various nozzles for different areas of the paintwork, and for frequent use you need a model that will guarantee reliability. You can find out more about all of these aspects in our comprehensive reviews of car paint sprayers, along with pros and cons and an idea of what you should expect to pay.

So, what are the considerations you need to make when choosing your paint sprayer? First, you need to think about the available space you have in the area you will be working with. In a small garage, you don’t want to be hindered by a large machine, so you might want to look at one of the more portable models. You need to be able to move around the car, too, so this is also a consideration.

Bear in mind that modern paint sprayers – and also modern automotive spray paint – provide a much better coverage and finish than you may have achieved with older models. Indeed, the technology that you find in paint sprayers today is considerably improved over that from just a few years ago, so you may be surprised how efficient your machine is. We recommend you choose a model with changeable nozzles; this means that you can achieve different levels of cover, which is perfect for detail work as well as overall spraying. You’ll find plenty of information on available models in our reviews, where we try to give you a comprehensive look at each model in order to help you find the right one.

Some HVLP spray gun kits also come with multiple paint spray guns, so you get even better versatility, and you need to check the capacity, too. This can vary considerably from model to model, so if you don’t want to be filling up the tank every other minute, it pays to choose one that can take a sensible amount of paint. The power of your sprayer is also important, yet for work on cars it is the finish that is perhaps the most important factor, rather than the ability to cover large areas very quickly. Take care to read the reviews as well as paying attention to the manufacturer specifications, and you will find there is plenty of variety in the different models you can choose from.

Some Advice on Spraying Your Car

One of the main benefits of using a modern car paint sprayer is that they are surprisingly easy to use. We recommend you practice using your sprayer before you choose to tackle a major restoration or respray job. This way, you will get to know your new machine and get a feel for how it works, as well as an understanding of what different finishes and effects the various tips and nozzles will provide you with.

For example, your paint sprayer will most likely have various speed settings; these are very handy for different areas of the spraying process, and for achieving different levels of finish and results. You should have a dial adjustment for different pressure levels – to get the spray at different thicknesses and such – so you can achieve the versatility you require throughout the job. Check the reviews for more information on the adjustments available on each model, and make sure you choose the one that is most suitable for you.

Now, above we mentioned the lack of a compressor; some body shop professionals still prefer to use compressor-powered automotive paint sprayers as they can provide a longer stream of paint, yet we believe the airless method is the way to go. Take the time to learn how to use your sprayer – and how to adjust it correctly – and you will find that you have a machine that is not only great for painting cars, but also around the home and garden.

Tips for Painting Your Own Car

Before we go on to talk about a few of the makes and models you can buy, let’s consider some of the problems and pitfalls you might get when painting a car. First, this requires a different type of approach to, for example, painting a room or protecting a fence. You need to pay attention to detail in car painting, and also use the correct type of paint. If you are familiar with the subject this will not be a problem for you, but it is worth reading all you can about spraying cars before you tackle your own.

Preparation is super-important when you are spraying a car, and you need to make sure you get right down to the bare metal if you are to get the best results. Applying the correct primer is also part of the job and will bring you the best results, so ensure you have the right advice on how to do this to the best effect.

Remember, your car will need a number of coats if it to look as good as you want it to, so be prepared to take the time needed to do the job correctly. It is all too tempting to rush through any painting job – car or otherwise – but this approach will never get you the best results. Time, car and attention are all you need to know about providing your car with the coats of paint it needs to look the part.

Choose the Right Car Spray Paint & Spray Gun

With so many makes and models in what is now a competitive market, you may have trouble finding the right car paint sprayer for you, but we have done our best here to help you understand what you need to look out for. You want to make sure your model is adjustable, comes with changeable nozzles, is powerful enough and operates cleanly and easily, and you also need to ensure it is within your available budget.

The prices of paint sprayers vary quite dramatically, and while you may have limited funds, as with all such purchases we strongly advise you buy the very best you can afford, as this will ensure you get value for money and a durable, long-life machine. Here’s a little advice on the makes to look out for when buying a sprayer for your car.

We recommend you take a look at the range of paint sprayers from Graco, one of the leading names in the business, as they have a reputation for quality machines at sensible prices. They have models that are designed for use on cars, too, so it’s worth checking out some of our reviews to find out more. TCP Global is another name to consider, and they have a comprehensive car painting kit that comes with everything you need, and that is highly regarded by professionals.

These are just a few of the many brands in what is a competitive market, so we recommend you look closely at the reviews we have already done for you. Check the information on specifications, compare prices, and pay attention to the pros and cons of each model, and you will find that there is a car paint sprayer for you at the right price.

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